What’s Up With the Adventure Capital Landing Page?

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I love it when impact-driven entrepreneurs, savvy marketers and good friends like Chris Guillebeau launch things.

It’s fun to watch on a few levels…

  • One – he’s always pushing the envelope and trying new things. Always different designs, flows, funnels, products, solutions, calls-to-action and copy than anyone else. Proving you can honor your own style and voice, stand in integrity and still serve people and be extraordinarily successful along the way.
  • Two – he shows how to bring a product to market, generate a lot of buzz and sales…without resorting to hype. When you see his design ethic and read his copy, you automatically feel you can trust him. Like he’s there to make things easier for you. To serve. And for good reason.
  • Three – he generally undercharges and over-delivers. Which gives me a chance to razz him about the need to give people the opportunity give back to him by paying him what he’s really worth (which will likely never happen, lol).

This time, I’m talking about Chris’ new Adventure Capital program…

I figured I’d turn his launch into an opportunity for you to learn. Especially because he’s using an innovative landing page design, crafted by the ever-talented Tsilli Pines.

So, I’ve actually made a quick screen-capture video to walk you through some cool things he’s doing with the design and launch “funnel” that might give you some ideas for your own projects and ventures. Enjoy!

Hope you found value in that quick video “funnel breakout.” If you’ve got even the slightest interest in building a successful venture, always be watching, studying and learning for those who lead the pack.

And, of course, I’d strongly encourage you to check out the Adventure Capital landing page yourself. Tab through it, read the whole thing and take notes.

Here are two quick links to get you there…

Option 1 – (Click this link to check out the landing page, and if you happen to sign up as an aside, I get a thank you commish and maybe some argyle socks)

Option 2 – (With this link, you can explore the page and if you end up signing up, I get nothing. But hey that’s totally cool too. No guilt trips, I just love to help)

Either way, there’s no obligation to buy or take action, just go and learn from a master!

Curious, too – how do YOU feel about the design of the page?

Share your thoughts in the comments below…

With gratitude,


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16 responses

16 responses to “What’s Up With the Adventure Capital Landing Page?”

  1. Jimbo Paleo says:

    You are right Jonathan… this is a fascinating approach to a landing page.

    I hope he does well, and that you keep us updated as to how his new take on sales funnels works out for him.

    Thanks for this… really a useful look at innovators doing good NEW things online.

    PS, I’d love more posts like this,
    as a balance to the self-development posts
    we all like getting from you.

  2. We’ll send you some socks either way!

    (Making a note for the cat.)

  3. Very nice video! Would love to see more like this. Very helpful.

  4. Thanks, Jonathan, what a helpful video! And what a clean and beautiful take Chris has over the standard landing page. I’m so happy to see another way it can be done, besides the usual arrows and flashing lights.

  5. Brian says:

    Hay Jonothan,

    Great little video, and a real interesting set up Chris has. I’m really turned off by extremely long sales pages that scroll down for what feels like an eternity & very really get to the end before I switch off. What Chris has here is something which keeps you engaged, I like the idea.

    I also like how you give two options for people to link to the site yourself. Many people add a link & are transparent about commish & say thanks if select, but you don’t see the second 0 commish option, I like it, very genuine. & a little lesson has been learned.


  6. Hi Jonathan,

    Thank you so much for walking us through Chris’ new course. I agree that he’s brilliant (again) in his concept, presentation and unique offer. He’s inspired me to look at ways to keep people engaged on a landing/sales page and offering content for the visual and other learners.

  7. Fee says:


    Thanks for sharing that video on that stupendous landing page! The psychodynamics going on from top to bottom was some of the best that I’ve ever seen. Of course this new landing page style will set the bar for online marketers and entrepreneurs from here on out. And although I’ve never heard of Chris before, I can flat out tell you that he is waaaay undercharging for the value you he will deliver in this product. However, I admire people like him who get that it’s more about the outcome than the income!

    I’m in!

    Live Well,


  8. Tom Bentley says:

    Jonathan, thanks for a look into the site architecture and its dynamics. So true that you get confidence in a message from the polish of its presentation and you explained that well.

    I have a couple of Chris’s books, including The $100 Startup, and the clarity of the Adventure Capital site matches and reflects the easy absorbability and focus of the ideas in his books. (Chris, saw you in Santa Cruz, CA, not long ago—you worked the crowd!)

  9. Lesley says:

    So refreshing!I am inspired and grateful that Chris has managed to find an honest approach to selling a great product. Many thanks for posting Johnathan.

  10. Deb Monfette says:

    Jonathan, this is an excellent example of a landing page created just for the audience – the ideal client. It’s so well done with visuals and text information. The flow is easy as well as the ability to understand the key points. If you want to go back over a particular area it’s a click away. Brilliant. And I don’t feel like it’s a pitch fest. Thanks for this great example.

  11. I love this sales page, it may be the best I’ve ever seen. Do you know if Chris used a particular plug-in or how exactly he created this structure?

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  14. The coding my be fancy, but I personally struggled to read through all the animated tabs. Why not just have a single long sales page with named anchors? Simpler to code and design, and it would increase conversions I bet. I’m sitting on a 11″ MacBook air and had a hard time scrolling thru the tabs.