7 Things I learned From Summer Vacation

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Short and sweet lessons from my week at the beach..

  1. Thong bikinis have a front and a back (apologies for the mental image)
  2. Vacation diet tip: shower outside in front a a full length mirror before every meal.
  3. Never leave a pizza box in the car you leave at home…even if you think it’s empty…especially when it’s parked in the sun.
  4. Sand is the enemy…it also doesn’t replace croutons well in salad.
  5. Just ’cause you’re at the beach, doesn’t mean the chowder ain’t Campbells
  6. Never take a grown up size tube down a child sized enclosed slide at the water park
  7. Ice cream cures everything
  8. Bonus – jellyfish…not such good pets (they’re very hard to get a leash around).

So, what’d YOU learn this summer?

Share away in the comments…

P.S. – many apologies if the picture above made your eyes burn

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31 responses

31 responses to “7 Things I learned From Summer Vacation”


    Um, I just moved to Myrtle Beach 3 months ago. I’ve learned about Jellyfish… not friendly, not cuddly. Unless you like trips to the hospital.

  2. Ha, he looks like the ice man mummy going for a run!

  3. Bryan Eye says:

    He must work out…

  4. Chad says:

    9. If you are camping, set your tent & tarp up before it rains.
    10. Bacon or Lobster goes with EVERYTHING!

  5. riva says:

    I’ve learned that summer always goes too fast. Just like ice cream cones.
    That hammocks are better than medicine.
    The sound of cicadas can erase overload and overwhelm faster than just about anything.
    Coffee outside in the morning is one of life’s great small pleasures.
    Dinner outside by candlelight is another.
    Life just doesn’t get better than eating perfectly ripe peaches in August, just before apple season starts.
    Jumping in lakes as often as possible should be a life requirement.
    You can never spend too much time staring up at a summer night sky.
    And always check your oil and transmission fluid before taking a summer drive.

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  7. shelley says:

    * that teaching a ton of yoga, and taking a ton of yoga are two very different things

    * that I am still in search of my true passion

    * that boys forget to call, so don’t take it personal

    * that a weekend in the mountains does not a grounded girl make

    * that my father is an amazing man and that i am totally in love with him

    * that grandmas make it all better

    * so does music, painting, and crying

    hara om,


  8. Jonathan Fields says:

    @ Brandon – Hey, I warned you, man! 🙂

    @ Michael – I think he might actually be Heat Miser’s illegitimate half brother!

    @ Bryan – Truly, he must

    @ Chad – I’m trying to wrap my head around bacon, lobster and chocolate chip mint ice cream, ewwwww!

    @ Scott – Can you believe I actually PAID for that picture?!

    @ No doubt, hammocks do rock, though coffee outside in a hammock, whole different challenge!

    @ shell – boys forget EVERYTHING! Trust me, I know some! 😉

  9. Rich says:

    thanks (i think) jonathan.

    you’re right- the first word which came to my mind was something my neice introduced me to:


    i think that completely captrues my feelings on the matter…

    best, rich

  10. Pamela Slim says:

    Summer? It is summer?

    I forget this, here in the land of 120 degree weather, where we huddle inside like Chicago’ans in the winter.

    But when I think back to the GOD (good old days), I remember sweet evening cookouts and homemade blackberry pie. warm. with ice cream. mmmmmmmm.

  11. Rich says:

    that was supposed to be: my “niece”


  12. Josephine says:

    – the minute you get handed an english menu in the restaurant of a non-english speaking country, you can guarantee that you will be paying three times the normal cost.

    – ‘the pound is strong against the dollar’ is not going to stop you from being more broke than a hollywood celeb’s wedding vows after you go on holiday to america.

    – do not open your eyes under the water in cyprus and expect to be able to see again. the salt will blind you.

    – do not got to rio and expect to feel confident about your body again. their bodies will dazzle you.

    – you do not need to bring seven pairs of sneakers for a ten day holiday.

    – or nine dinner dresses.

    – actually, next time, just pack those denim cut-off and three vests cos that’s ALL you actually end up wearing.

    – and next time, please at least attempt to remember a toothbrush?

    – talking english in a very loud, slow and patronising voice is no substitute for speaking spanish.

    – trying hard to look very innocent at the airport because you think the security guards will think you look suspicious actually makes you look MORE suspicious than you did in the fist place.

    – finally, you will not thank yourself for leaving your house looking like a pig sty when you get back. no-one wants to be welcomed home by a pile of week-old dirty dishes. with things growing on them that would make a botanist cry.

    fun times.

  13. michelle says:

    All I can see is the melanoma cancer cells clapping their evil little hands and yelling “Yippee!” every time this guy decides to go running on the beach!

    “The shiny dark brown leather look” is so not cool anymore!

  14. 1. No matter whether you going on a trip close or far from home, it’s still hard to decide what to pack.

    2. Travelling by car is great because you don’t have to haul everything you brought into the hotel.

    3. Stop by a store and get your own bottled water before checking into the hotel. Their prices on water are outrageous, if they have any.

    4. Take labels printed with the names and addresses of the folks you plan to send postcards to.

    5. Buy and mail your postcards the very first day if you plan to send any. The hotel front desk folks will sell you stamps and mail them for you.

    6. Take sandwich and freezer bags in your carry on bag. Grab a piece of fruit, pastry, make a sandwich at the breakfast buffett in your hotel. It’ll taste like a feast when you’re hungry before lunch or dinner while you’re waiting in a long line outside the Vatican,or some other tourist trap.

    7. When visiting Disneyland or Disney World, visit the town during the morning and wait until afternoon to go to those popular sites. The folks who were there when the doors opened will be wiped out by the afternoon and leaving. The wait in lines will be quicker, the weather will be cooler, and you’ll actually be willing to stay until the fireworks.

    8. When planning to stay in town a day or two after the family reunion, don’t tell anybody.

  15. Josephine says:

    haha…flora, your number 8 tip reminded me of something

    – do not attempt to have a secret holiday in st.lucia if you have family there…because everyone on the whole island will know you’ve arrived by the gossip machine/bush telegram/smoke signals before you’ve even left the airport!

  16. Laurie says:

    *That canoeing with a friend is a great way to relax.

    *That walking under the stars along side of a lake is a spiritual experience.

    *That trampolines are good for more that jumping on.

    *And thongs don’t look good on anyone! :O(
    (that guy really does look gross!)

  17. Glee Girl says:

    Haha. What is it with those old guys at the beach – their tans can never be deep enough and their togs never brief enough. Ew!

    We’ve just come out of winter Down Under so summer seems like a long time ago. I forget what I learnt…oh, except for one thing. Wee triangle bikini tops and crashing waves are a not a good combo. *blushes*

    Enjoy your autumn/fall.

  18. Stacey says:

    I think I saw that guy last year on South Beach.

    I learned that there is no better place to vacation than my own backyard and that I truly have everything I need.

    And I agree, ice cream definitely cures everything!

  19. Jean Gogolin says:

    That there is no sweeter sound on God’s green earth than surf rolling onto a beach. Or crashing against Maine rocks. Especially when you have your eyes closed and there’s a fresh breeze blowing off the water.

    That summer is always over WAY too soon and that even pumpkins don’t make up for it.

  20. Pete says:

    I just want to say that as a vegan I found this post offensive. The only thing an ice cream is capable of doing is causing excessive amounts of cruelty.

    Here’s a movie that hopefully will convince you that soy dream and rice dream can “cure” just as much.


  21. Sharing this picture is completely and totally unfair, there should be some kind of law against this, my poor eyes and brain.


  22. Michelle says:

    Oh dear, that picture. 😀
    I have to start doing that number two -tip. I gain a lot weight on vacations.. :/

  23. Clyde Dennis says:

    Bro, the pic you put with this post is just, well… NOT good. Not good at all!

    I may never be the same again. I’m just sayin…

  24. Mild summers make for better flowers and lower water bills.

  25. Um, that is a mighty fine bod to feast my eyes on!

    I’ve learned that summer becomes shorter the older you get.

    I’ve learned that smores over a fire are the real deal. Attempting to recreate them in the microwave just doesn’t cut it.

    I’ve learned that I’m now counting the summers by the amount of time I have left with my kids at home. And I’m sad about that.

  26. Kristen says:

    Wow! That guy has quite a nice tan. This summer I learned that I have a real passion to work the land that God has given me.

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  28. I love going to beach for vacation, but I don’t want to see a man wearing that.

  29. I hope to never see such a picture again or even worse, the physical version thereof.

  30. John Removal says:

    What a pic!! Atleast he’s in shape! I’ve learned that all bathing suits aren’t made for all shapes and sizes. I’ve learned that my son likes to eat the sand as much as he likes to play in it, and I’ve learned like you that ice cream DOES cure all:) Thanks for sharing.