7 Insanely Cool NYC Food Trucks

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On a blistering afternoon in Hell’s Kitchen, NYC, a small gathering of the coolest food trucks ever lined up to share their fare, leading to lines around the block. It’s one of those only in NYC moments I thought you guys would enjoy…

Where else can you find a vegan organic food truck?

Every flavor ice cream for every flavor of person

Smoking hot eats on a smoking hot afternoon

Serious burgers to go…

Dumpling heaven on wheels…

Love their slogan, “Eat the Street.” – Yummmm…

No packaged stuff here, only freshly baked Airstream brownies & goodness galore…

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22 responses

22 responses to “7 Insanely Cool NYC Food Trucks”

  1. Andy Hayes says:

    Damn, I knew Austin was a food trailer hot spot, but didn’t realise it had spread to NYC! You’ll have to show me some of these spots this summer, Jonathan.

    Hysterical award goes to Big Gay ice cream. I just picture a South Park character popping out the window to take your order!

    • Jason Keath says:

      There are 3,000 licensed food vending trucks in NYC. LA is the only one that comes close. I think of all the cities I have done the street food tour in, LA, Portland, and Austin are the ones that have the best and widest variety of options, Philly is pretty good too. But nothing touches NYC.

      My grandmother use to say that the “Easy Bake Oven” was inspired by immigrants roasting street food in small carts. Random, unsubstantiated story.

      Cool list Jon. I remember hearing the interview on NPR with the Big Gay Ice cream truck founder. He basically said, big gay dude trying to run an ice cream truck really has no choice but to embrace it. Great story how he pretty much turned it into a great marketing angle.

      • Jonathan Fields says:

        Haha, love the EZ Bake analogy. Never heard the NPR story on the Big Gay Ice Cream truck, will have to go search their podcasts now.

    • Jonathan Fields says:

      Yeah, I remember that one block down on South Congress in Austin with all the food trailers. Especially the cupcake one. Great food, but I love the exterior designs on these

  2. Mike Willner says:

    I wish my website looked as good as some of those trucks. 🙂

  3. Haha they are an awesome selection of food trucks. The first ones title made me laugh so much.

    • Jonathan Fields says:

      And, actually, the line for the first one, the vegan truck was literally down the block. Crazy!

  4. Brenda Jones says:

    Mmmm, now I’m hungry. Will have to pay a visit to NYC someday soon.

  5. Ha! As the quintessential Jersey Girl, this reminds me of the “trucks” we used to have lined up at College Ave at Rutgers University in the late 80’s and early 90’s. They were the *first* vegan trucks – I lived off of cheap: falafels, baba ganoush, hummus… you name it! But I must admit, I never saw “Big Gay Ice Cream Truck!” That’s the best! 🙂

    -Loretta Wollering

    • Jonathan Fields says:

      Can’t remember, but I once saw a news story about a truck, I think it was in Philly, that had these monstrous, legendary sandwiches and college students would line up all day long

  6. Andi says:

    Food trucks are big in San Francisco, some move around and you have to find them by their tweets – it fun, and there is some damn good food out there!

    • Jonathan Fields says:

      Yeah, I’ve read a few stories about carts that are killing it by leveraging twitter to broadcast their locations on any given day. Kinda like a foodie twitter rave! lol

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  9. OSTV says:

    HEY! Here’s an awesome video of the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck at OURsceneTV.com!!!!


  10. Jess says:

    Hey Everyone,

    If you love mobile food vendors you might like a project I just co-launched: http://tweat.it. Tweat.it helps you locate where any of the food vendors are in NYC on a daily basis. Also, http://www.findthetruck.com/ has a pretty cool truck design although I haven’t seen it in person yet.

  11. Marcel Fahle says:

    I happened to see all, or most of these a couple of weeks back on the Hells Kitchen Flea Market.. I really wanted to try at least one of these, but the lines bro… and the heat.. it was insane.. Next time 🙂

    • Jonathan Fields says:

      Yeah, that’s where these pics were taken. That was a crazy hot day…and the lines were insane, lol!

  12. […] 7 insanely cool NYC food trucks: The burger and Mexican trucks need to be permanently parked outside my apartment. Or maybe even IN my apartment if someone could arrange that.   I’d knock down a wall for an in-house burger truck. […]