5 Ways To Become Master Of Your Career Domain

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A recent search of twitter revealed that, on any given day, hundreds of people are tweeting about job hunting…and how much it sucks.

Well, here’s a thought, stop hunting for a job and start hunting for a life!

One, where you’re not waiting around, hoping and praying someone else finds value in who you are and what you do. One, where you maintain substantial control over your career, regardless of whether you work for yourself or someone else.

Here are 5 killer ways to rapidly tap technology to wrestle back control over your livelihood…and your life:

1. Megalo-Blog

Whether you plan to work for someone else or break out on your own, one of the most powerful things you can do is establish yourself as a thought-leader, go-to person, someone with industry cred and high value in the field you’re passionate about. And, this starts with your blog. It’s your career-power home base. Even if you have a personal blog, set up a standalone blog and create meaty, substantive content that showcases your mastery/value and thought-leadership in the area you’d like to become known for.

2. Tweet Stalk

Tap twitter.com as your primary vehicle to find, connect with and wow others in your industry or the industry you’d like to move into. Use twitter’s search function, wefollow.com and twellow.com to search conversations and profiles for keywords that are relevant to what you do best, find the people and conversations that touch on your industry/passion, then join in and, most importantly, add value to those conversations. And, begin to develop relationships with other thought-leaders, connectors and influencers.

3. Answers Rawk

People have questions, lots of questions. And, they ask them in the darndest places…online! Right there, in front of everyone! On Yahoo Answers and LinkedIn.com Answers.  Your job is to go and troll, looking for people asking questions that center around your area of interest/expertise/passion. Then dish out responses that make people say, “whoah, this person really knows their, um, stuff!”

4. Forum Crash

Do a google search for “[keyword that’s of interest to people in your chosen field] forums” to find forums where people are having daily conversations about that same thing you love to work at and talk about. Lurk for a bit, then start by sharing non-spammy, high-value ideas and answers in threads started by other members. Then, once you have a feel for the vibe of the forum, begin to start your own threads, offering high-value information and conversation.

5. Google Stalk

Don’t you just love the fact that google has now made it possible to covertly cyber-stalk words, phrases, ideas and people all over the world…from your inbox?! Take those same keywords, along with the names of the major players, and set up daily google alerts that let you know who’s talking in your field and what they’re saying. Toward the bottom the each alert is a section on blogs. See what the blogosphere is saying and, if appropriate, jump over to the individual posts and share high-value comments.

So, what are you REALLY doing here? Simple…

You’re positioning yourself to become a Master of Your Career Domain!

By establishing yourself, individually, as a force to be reckoned with, you effectively build a portable career power structure that:

  • Is totally portable, it goes where you go
  • Opens doors and opportunities, both in entrepreneurship and other employment
  • Demonstrates your value to your current employer (if you have one) and to potential suitors
  • Serves of a source of leverage coupled with social proof of your value and reach, and
  • Builds a tribe of people who will rally to, evangelize and support you.

So, you all know, I am a big fan of the control and freedom that comes along with the entrepreneurial option. But, even if you prefer to stay under the umbrella of another person or company, these strategies will help you build your own base of power.

Once built, what you do with it is up to you…

Your job is to use it wisely, judiciously and ethically. In other words…

Use it for good, not evil!

P.S. – Yes, I know this brings up the question of your employer freaking out when they get wind of the fact that you are in the process of taking ownership of your career path, reputation and future.

I’ll be posting about that in detail next week…so if you’re not subscribed, HELLO, sign up below, so you don’t miss it!

Got any other thoughts on the topic?

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9 responses

9 responses to “5 Ways To Become Master Of Your Career Domain”

  1. Jonathan,

    Awesome post. I agree that too many people are trying to find a job and not a life. I am lucky to be employed, but you see many people wandering around like zombies because they are not happy doing what they are doing.

  2. Every day I learn of something new I could be doing to build up my reputation/business and I’m amazed that anyone would be crazy enough to go into business on their own. 😉 Of course I wouldn’t have it any other way, but wow, I have to keep a tight rein on my build-the-business activities or I’d be doing a 16 hour day!

    But thanks for the list. It’s great to have more tools at my fingertips.

  3. Krishna says:

    Nice Piece of advice of Jonathan…For Item#3: A nice place to hangout and answer questions for software developers/engineers is stackoverflow.com

    Thought I mention it here.

  4. […] Divyaprakash posted a noteworthy aricle today onHere’s a small snippet… stop hunting for a job and start hunting for a life! One, where you’re not waiting around, hoping and praying someone else finds value in who you are and what you do. One, where you maintain substantial control over your career, … […]

  5. I agree 100% when I attended SxSW several of the panelist, like @unlceweed, mentioned doing all of the above to get ahead, get known and get better mentors & heroes. So to all of you out there, watch out I’m stalking you, but only in the safe & fun way! Thanks for the read!

  6. Jonathan Fields says:

    @ Chris – No doubt, and I don’t mean to belittle the pain or challenge of figuring out your next move, really just about tools to take control

    @ Alex – LOL, one of my big challenges, too. There are so many ways to help build a business, for me, at least, I love most of it, so even though I put in a lot of hours, the time flies and I build it around my family time.

    @ Krishna – hey thanks for that added link!

    @ Shelly – Yeah, SouthBy is a great, kinda fun example of how cyber stalking (in a fun way) can make you known to people already when you meet them in person. Can’t tell you how many people I greeted with a hug the first time I met them in person, because I’d already “known” them online for a while

  7. I’m doing all these things except crashing the forums. I’ve found a few that are a good fit for my niche, but I just haven’t gone full force. Looks like I have some work to do. Like you said, we need to make ourselves into thought leaders. When I’m out there (forums) helping people then I’m only improving my skills

  8. Thanks. I wil be instigating your advice immediately

  9. […] perusing Jonathan’s blog I found some great advice for this: “Well, here’s a thought, stop hunting for a job and start hunting for a life! One, […]