12-week lifestyle-plan, thoughts on 2007 and adventures planned for 2008

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lhf_thumb.jpgHappy New Year everyone!

As promised, today is the day you can download a copy of the lifestyle-change book I wrote back in 2000, The Long Hard Fix, with its 12-week plan…for free.

My plan was to make this available to subscribers-only, but, what the heck, it’s a new year, so I just decided to post the download FOR EVERYONE right here in this post. So…

Click here now to download your copy now!

It’s about 600k, so it might take a bit to download, especially, depending on how busy the blog is today, so please be patient.

You are welcome to follow some or all of it or just use it for inspiration. You are also welcome to pass it along.

I will be touching base every Friday here on the blog about how my own personal lifestyle-challenge unfolds over the next few months. And, I invite you to join in that conversation every week. But, I also wanted to take a few moments today to look back and then forward…on a bigger-picture level.

Highlights from 2007.

2007 was an incredible year for me on so many levels.

Relationship-wise, I celebrated my 10th-anniversary with my wife. I am amazed at how we keep growing closer with each year. It’s definitely part-work but I am confident there is also a real element of good-fortune. Because, as we each grow as individuals and honor who we are and who we need to become, those simultaneous personal evolutions continue to leave us increasingly, rather than decreasingly compatible and happy. Work? Sure. But, luck? Yeah, there’s been plenty of that, too. On that that level, I am unebelievably blessed.

This year, my daughter turned 6 and, again, I am just blown away by how much I can love someone. She, along with my wife and the rest of my family are non-stop sources of wonder in my life.

On a professional-level, oh man, what a year. My yoga studio hums along, thanks, in no small part to my amazing family who keeps the ship running, laughing and growing.

My writing career really took off, with major magazine and blog columns, my upcoming book on career-evolution turned in to my publisher and, three months ago, the launch of this blog. The community that’s grown here in a remarkably short time is truly a gift to me. I hope to be able to repay it as we go.

And, I’ve also discovered a certain aptitude and ability for marketing and persuasive writing that continues to open doors and fuels the creation of an endless stream of projects and opportunities.

With all this magic happening all around me, though, it’s been a very challenging year when it came to my personal health and the state of my body. A combination of excitement for my professional journey and struggles with limitations on my physical abilities after shoulder surgery ended up conspiring to keep me far more sedentary than ever before.

By Fall, I was heavier and weaker than I’ve been in years. And, I decided to out myself and rally my blog family together for a group lifestyle evolution in 2008.

And, over the past few months, I’ve realized while I love what I do, I am spread a bit too thin professionally.

I think this is probably a constant challenge for people who tend toward hyper-creativity and entrepreneurship, so in the next few weeks, I’ll be scaling back in some areas, while also launching a few new ventures.

In 2008…

I’ll be looking at what’s worked and what hasn’t on this blog refining my focus, likely to feature more on careers and entrepreneurship and will launching some revisions to the blog’s design, too. If you’ve got questions or suggestions over the next week, feel free to share them.

I’ll also be launchng a series of professional-trainings, including my Career Renegade Bootcamp™, a two-day career-evolution training that will go live in February (but you guys wil get a special alert in the next few days).

And, probably, the single most important thing I’d like to share is a big, fat, gigantic thank you!

I am blown-away every day I come to the blog and find comments from new people who’ve joined in the adventure. What an incredible gift.

Here’s to a fantastic 2008 for all!

As always, feel free to share your thoughts, ideas and stories in the comments below…

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13 responses

13 responses to “12-week lifestyle-plan, thoughts on 2007 and adventures planned for 2008”

  1. Happy 2008, Jonathan … and all fellow adventurers on the group lifestyle evolution!

  2. Dave Waugh says:

    Hi Jonathan,

    Just wanted to say “Thanks!” for sharing all your insight. As a student about to graduate from business schoool, a lot of the “career fixing” content isn’t directly relevant to me, but I feel as though you’re probably helping me avoid the need for a fix down the road. I’m just going to keep doing what I love and let the chips fall! The way you live your life is a true source of inspiration.

    Again, thank you, and congratulations on a fantastic 2007. All the best for 2008!

  3. Adeline says:

    Thank you Jonathan. Wishing you much success, focus and belief in 2008! Happy New Year to all!

  4. Thanks for the download! And best wishes for 2008.

  5. whatley says:

    I was waiting for this. I have decided to quit hamburgers, French fries and candy for a year. one day down 365 left it is a leap year why make it easy.

  6. Thank you, Jonathan. Way to make the rest of us look like asses. La la la I’m just going to GIVE AWAY a free 217-page book la la la.

    I must say, though… “Onward, then, to the first of many” is a pretty bloody great line.

  7. Patty says:

    Aloha Jonathan,

    I accidentally visited your site today and downloaded your book. You really nailed it. I’ve been reading it ever since. The universe sent me a great New Year’s gift. How’s that for receiving exactly what you need! Thank you and Happy New Year.

  8. Patty says:

    By the way, my last comment was my first post on a blog ever. You certainly got my attention.

  9. cheryl says:

    Hi Jonathan!

    I enjoy reading your blog and your conversational style of writing. I just fired off an email to a friend so he can make you part of regular reading.

    Thanks for the meaty book – 217 pages. Wow! The kickoff questionaire is similar to what I use when I start a program or am working with clients. I’ll be sure to let my readers know about it and your site.

    It’s 1:10AM and I KNOW I’ve got to put the book down so I can get some shuteye.

    Until mornin’…

  10. […] keep this on his blog. It’s 1:10AM right now as I am writing this (yes, I should be in bed). So if you want to get it, zip over there right now. You’ll probably enjoy reading his blog as well. […]

  11. Jonathan Fields says:

    @ Sheila, Adeline & Harrison – Thanks, happy 2008 back at ya!

    @ Dave – thanks for the kind words and congrats your grad-school journey. Best advice once you graduate…lead with meaning!

    @ Whatley – I did a similar thing back in 1987, but my goal was just to stop eating fast-food, because I was an outside salesman living on the stuff. Interestingly, it’s led me to not eat red-meat for the last 20 years.

    @ Naomi – Haha! I’m glad you saw this for what it really was…a personal attack on you for ever wanting to charge anyone for anything of value! 😉 HEHEHE! Hey, everyone’s entitled to give a gift here and there. Hmmm, trying to figure out whether I should end this with “top that!” or “hope you enjoy it!…

    @ Patty – So glad to have you in our community, welcome! And, thanks so much for making mine the first blog you’ve ever commented on, very cool honor, indeed!

    @ Cheryl – Thanks for your kind thoughts! I’ve been out of the pure-fitness world for a bit, but that questionnaire was very similar to the one I created for my private clients, too. And, thanks for spreading the word also!

  12. Hopefully you are still passionately in love with your wife, even after ten years. It drives me nuts when people think that being ‘in love’ is temporary. I hope you cherish each other.

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