zen garden

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zen garden japanese garden zen stone with raked sand and round stone tranquility and balance ripples sand pattern

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One response to “zen garden”

  1. Amanda says:

    Hi Jonathan,

    I generally use “cheers” for casual emails for friends and sometimes customers as I want my business to be perceived as “relaxed”. My line of work doesn’t have a formal protocol as one would find maybe in a corporate setting. So the informal “cheers” works for me.I often like to use, “Blessings” as way to end my emails as my intentions and hopes are that the person I am writing to will be blessed somehow and in some way that day. Thanks for writing about this topic as it has encouraged so many to share how they end their emails and this has definitely given me more choices as to how to end mine. Thanks so much, blessings to you, Amanda 🙂

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