I Come to This Year

I come to this year


To the truth of life

My life

Equipped to see

Beyond the haze

Of illusion

Who I am

Who I am not

Who I yearn to be


I come to this year


Whether being that person

Truly holds the seeds

Of more grace

Or serves to distract

From the possibility that

Who I was meant to be

Is who I’ve always been

And that my path is not

To become

But to allow

The me

That has always stood

Off to the side

To take its seat

At the table of my life


I come to this year

Leaning toward a path

Yet mindful that

The Universe

Wise old soul

May have plans

Possibilities unforeseen

That hold within them

The gift of serendipity

Joys undiscoverable

When blinded

By rote.


I come to this year

Accompanied by

The lines of the play

This life has written

Indelibly inked

Acutely human

Unwilling, still

To confine

The story yet to be told

To the breadth and depth

Of the story already lived


I come to this year

With love

In love


Filled with


And hope

Inviting you

To come and play

And live

And be

Lit from within


I come to this year


For the invitation, once again

To come to this year.


Won’t you come too?


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